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help::help_text_area Class Reference

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Detailed Description

The area where the content is shown in the help browser.

Definition at line 246 of file help.cpp.

Public Member Functions

bool dirty () const
virtual bool focus () const
unsigned height () const
 help_text_area (CVideo &video, const section &toplevel)
bool hidden () const
virtual void hide (bool value=true)
SDL_Rect const & location () const
virtual void process_help_string (int mousex, int mousey)
std::string ref_at (const int x, const int y)
virtual bool requires_event_focus () const
void set_clip_rect (const SDL_Rect &rect)
void set_dirty (bool dirty=true)
void set_focus (bool focus)
void set_height (unsigned h)
void set_help_string (const std::string &str)
void set_location (int x, int y)
virtual void set_location (SDL_Rect const &rect)
void set_measurements (unsigned w, unsigned h)
void set_volatile (bool val=true)
void set_width (unsigned w)
void show_topic (const topic &t)
 Display the topic.
unsigned width () const

Protected Member Functions

void adjust_position (unsigned pos)
void bg_cancel ()
void bg_register (SDL_Rect const &rect)
void bg_restore (SDL_Rect const &rect) const
void bg_restore () const
void bg_update ()
virtual void draw ()
unsigned get_max_position () const
unsigned get_position () const
virtual void handle_event (const SDL_Event &event)
bool has_scrollbar () const
SDL_Rect inner_location () const
void move_position (int dep)
virtual void process_event ()
virtual void scroll (int pos)
unsigned scrollbar_width () const
void set_full_size (unsigned h)
virtual void set_inner_location (const SDL_Rect &rect)
void set_position (unsigned pos)
void set_scroll_rate (unsigned r)
void set_shown_size (unsigned h)
virtual void update_location (SDL_Rect const &rect)
CVideo & video () const

Private Types


Private Member Functions

void add_img_item (const std::string path, const std::string alignment, const bool floating, const bool box)
 Add an image item with the specified attributes.
void add_item (const item &itm)
void add_text_item (const std::string text, const std::string ref_dst="", int font_size=-1, bool bold=false, bool italic=false, SDL_Color color=font::NORMAL_COLOUR)
void adjust_last_row ()
void down_one_line ()
 Move the current input point to the next line.
void draw_contents ()
int get_max_x (const int y, const int height=0)
 Analogous with get_min_x but return the maximum X.
int get_min_x (const int y, const int height=0)
int get_remaining_width ()
 Return the width that remain on the line the current input point is at.
int get_y_for_floating_img (const int width, const int x, const int desired_y)
void handle_bold_cfg (const config &cfg)
void handle_format_cfg (const config &cfg)
void handle_header_cfg (const config &cfg)
void handle_img_cfg (const config &cfg)
void handle_italic_cfg (const config &cfg)
void handle_jump_cfg (const config &cfg)
void handle_ref_cfg (const config &cfg)
void set_items ()
ALIGNMENT str_to_align (const std::string &s)

Private Attributes

int contents_height_
 The height of all items in total.
std::pair< int, int > curr_loc_
unsigned curr_row_height_
std::list< itemitems_
std::list< item * > last_row_
const unsigned min_row_height_
topic const * shown_topic_
const int title_spacing_
const sectiontoplevel_


struct  item
class  item_at
 Function object to find an item at the specified coordinates. More...

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