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/* $Id: display.hpp,v 1.101 2005/03/24 21:35:50 ydirson Exp $ */
   Copyright (C) 2003 by David White <davidnwhite@optusnet.com.au>
   Part of the Battle for Wesnoth Project http://wesnoth.whitevine.net

   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
   it under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
   This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,

   See the COPYING file for more details.

class config;
class gamestatus;
#include "image.hpp"
#include "key.hpp"
#include "map.hpp"
#include "builder.hpp"
#include "map_label.hpp"
#include "pathfind.hpp"
#include "reports.hpp"
#include "team.hpp"
#include "theme.hpp"
#include "unit.hpp"
#include "video.hpp"
#include "widgets/button.hpp"

#include "SDL.h"

#include <map>
#include <set>
#include <string>

//display: class which takes care of displaying the map and
//game-data on the screen.
//the display is divided into two main sections: the game area,
//which displays the tiles of the game board, and units on them,
//and the side bar, which appears on the right hand side. The side bar
//display is divided into three sections:
// - the minimap, which is displayed at the top right
// - the game status, which includes the day/night image, the turn number,
//   information about the current side, and information about the hex
//   currently moused over (highlighted)
// - the unit status, which displays an image for, and stats for, the
//   current unit.
class display
      typedef std::map<gamemap::location,unit> unit_map;

      display(unit_map& units, CVideo& video,
                  const gamemap& map, const gamestatus& status,
                  const std::vector<team>& t, const config& theme_cfg,
                  const config& cfg, const config& level);

      Uint32 rgb(Uint8 red, Uint8 green, Uint8 blue);

      //new_turn should be called on every new turn, to update
      //lighting settings.
      void new_turn();

      //this will add r,g,b to the colours for all images displayed on
      //the map. Used for special effects like flashes.
      void adjust_colours(int r, int g, int b);

      //function to make it so a unit is 'hidden' - not displayed
      //when the tile it is on is drawn. Only one unit may be hidden
      //at a time. The previously hidden unit will be returned.
      //'hide_energy' determines whether the unit's energy bar should be hidden too.
      gamemap::location hide_unit(const gamemap::location& loc, bool hide_energy=false);

      //function which scrolls the display by xmov,ymov. Invalidation and
      //redrawing will be scheduled.
      void scroll(int xmov, int ymov);

      //function which zooms the display by the specified amount. Negative
      //values zoom out. Returns the current zoom ratio
      double zoom(int amount=0);

      //function to take the zoom amount to the default.
      void default_zoom();

      //function which returns the size of a hex in pixels
      //(from top tip to bottom tip or left edge to right edge)
      int hex_size() const;

      //function which returns the width of a pixel, up to where the next hex starts
      //(i.e. not entirely from tip to tip -- use hex_size() to get the distance from tip to tip)
      int hex_width() const;

      enum SCROLL_TYPE { SCROLL, WARP };

      //function which will scroll such that location x,y is on-screen.
      void scroll_to_tile(int x, int y, SCROLL_TYPE scroll_type=SCROLL, bool check_fogged=true);

      //function which will scroll such that location x1,y1 is on-screen.
      //it will also try to make it such that x2,y2 is on-screen but this
      //is not guaranteed.
      void scroll_to_tiles(int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2,
                           SCROLL_TYPE scroll_type=SCROLL, bool check_fogged=true);

      //invalidates entire screen, including all tiles and sidebar.
      void redraw_everything();

      void flip();

      //draws invalidated items. If update is true, will also copy the
      //display to the frame buffer. If force is true, will not skip frames,
      //even if running behind.
      void draw(bool update=true,bool force=false);

      //the dimensions of the display. x and y are width/height. mapx is the
      //width of the portion of the display which shows the game area. Between
      //mapx and x is the sidebar region.
      int x() const;
      int mapx() const;
      int y() const;

      const SDL_Rect& map_area() const;
      const SDL_Rect& minimap_area() const;

      SDL_Rect screen_area() const;

      //function to display a location as selected. If a unit is in the location,
      //and there is no unit in the currently highlighted hex, the unit will be
      //displayed in the sidebar.
      void select_hex(gamemap::location hex);

      //function to highlight a location. If a unit is in the location, it will
      //be displayed in the sidebar. Selection is used when a unit has been
      //clicked on, while highlighting is used when a location has been moused
      void highlight_hex(gamemap::location hex);

      //given x,y co-ordinates of an onscreen pixel, will return the
      //location of the hex that this pixel corresponds to. Returns an
      //invalid location is the mouse isn't over any valid location.
      gamemap::location hex_clicked_on(int x, int y, gamemap::location::DIRECTION* nearest_hex=NULL, gamemap::location::DIRECTION* second_nearest_hex=NULL);
      //given x,y co-ordinates of a pixel on the map, will return the
      //location of the hex that this pixel corresponds to. Returns an
      //invalid location is the mouse isn't over any valid location.
      gamemap::location pixel_position_to_hex(int x, int y, gamemap::location::DIRECTION* nearest_hex=NULL, gamemap::location::DIRECTION* second_nearest_hex=NULL);
      //given x,y co-ordinates of the mouse, will return the location of the
      //hex in the minimap that the mouse is currently over, or an invalid
      //location if the mouse isn't over the minimap.
      gamemap::location minimap_location_on(int x, int y);

      //sets the paths that are currently displayed as available for the unit
      //to move along. All other paths will be greyed out. If NULL, no paths
      //will be displayed as selected.
      //paths_list must remain valid until it is set again
      void set_paths(const paths* paths_list);

      //sets the route along which footsteps are drawn to show movement of a
      //unit. If NULL, no route is displayed.
      //route does not have to remain valid after being set
      void set_route(const paths::route* route);

      //functions to get the on-screen positions of hexes.
      int get_location_x(const gamemap::location& loc) const;
      int get_location_y(const gamemap::location& loc) const;

      //returns the locations of 2 hexes that bind the visible area of the map.
      void get_visible_hex_bounds(gamemap::location &topleft, gamemap::location &bottomright) const;

      //function to remove a footstep from a specific location
      void remove_footstep(const gamemap::location& loc);

      //function to draw the tile at location (x,y). If unit_image is not NULL,
      //then it will be used, otherwise the unit's default image will be used.
      //alpha controls how faded the unit is. If blend_to is not 0, then the
      //unit will be alpha-blended to blend_to instead of the background colour
      void draw_tile(int x, int y, surface unit_image=surface(NULL),
                     fixed_t alpha=ftofxp(1.0), Uint32 blend_to=0);

      //function to float a label above a tile
      void float_label(const gamemap::location& loc, const std::string& text,
                       int red, int green, int blue);


      //composes and draws the terrains on a tile
      void draw_terrain_on_tile(int x, int y, image::TYPE image_type, ADJACENT_TERRAIN_TYPE type);

      void draw_unit_on_tile(int x, int y, surface unit_image=surface(NULL),
                             fixed_t alpha=ftofxp(1.0), Uint32 blend_to=0);

      void draw_halo_on_tile(int x, int y);

      // void draw_tile_adjacent(int x, int y, image::TYPE image_type, ADJACENT_TERRAIN_TYPE type);

      //function to draw a footstep for the given location, on screen at
      //pixel co-ordinates (xloc,yloc). A footstep will only be drawn if
      //loc is on the current route set by set_route. Otherwise it will
      //return with no effect.
      void draw_footstep(const gamemap::location& loc, int xloc, int yloc);

      //gets the underlying screen object.
      CVideo& video() { return screen_; }

      //function to invalidate all tiles.
      void invalidate_all();

      //function to invalidate a specific tile
      void invalidate(const gamemap::location& loc);

      //function to invalidate the game status displayed on the sidebar.
      void invalidate_game_status();

      //function to invalidate that unit status displayed on the sidebar.
      void invalidate_unit();

      //function to invalidate animated terrains which may have changed.
      void invalidate_animations();

      //function to schedule the minimap for recalculation. Useful if any
      //terrain in the map has changed.
      void recalculate_minimap();

      //function to schedule the minimap to be redrawn. Useful if units
      //have moved about on the map
      void redraw_minimap();

      //functions to add and remove overlays from locations. An overlay is an
      //image that is displayed on top of the tile. One tile may have multiple
      //overlays. remove_overlay will remove all overlays on a tile.
      void add_overlay(const gamemap::location& loc, const std::string& image, const std::string& halo="");
      void remove_overlay(const gamemap::location& loc);

      //function to serialize overlay data
      void write_overlays(config& cfg) const;

      //function which draws the details of the unit at the given location, at
      //(x,y) on-screen. xprofile and yprofile are the size of the unit's image.
      //this function is suitable for drawing a unit's details on the sidebar,
      //but can also be used to draw the unit details on a dialog elsewhere on
      //the screen.
      void draw_unit_details(int x, int y, const gamemap::location& loc,
                             const unit& u, SDL_Rect& description_rect,
                             int xprofile,int yprofile,SDL_Rect* clip_rect=NULL);

      //function which copies the backbuffer to the framebuffer.
      void update_display();

      //functions used in the editor.
      //void draw_terrain_palette(int x, int y, gamemap::TERRAIN selected);
      gamemap::TERRAIN get_terrain_on(int palx, int paly, int x, int y);

      //set_team sets the team controlled by the player using the computer,
      //and it is this team whose data is displayed in the game status.
      //set_playing_team sets the team whose turn it currently is
      void set_team(size_t team);
      void set_playing_team(size_t team);

      //makes it so that the unit at the given location will be displayed
      //in an advancing-highlight with intensity between 0.0 and 1.0 given
      //by amount.
      void set_advancing_unit(const gamemap::location& loc, double amount);

      //compat methods to be dropped after full migration
      void lock_updates(bool value) {screen_.lock_updates(value); };
      bool update_locked() const {return screen_.update_locked(); };

      //functions to set/get whether 'turbo' mode is on. When turbo mode is on,
      //everything moves much faster.
      bool turbo() const;
      void set_turbo(bool turbo);

      //function which determines whether a grid should be overlayed on the
      //game board to more clearly show where hexes are.
      void set_grid(bool grid);

      //a debug highlight draws a cross on a tile to emphasize something there.
      //it is used in debug mode, typically to show AI plans.
      static void debug_highlight(const gamemap::location& loc, fixed_t amount);
      static void clear_debug_highlights();

      //function which returns true if location (x,y) is covered in shroud.
      bool shrouded(int x, int y) const;

      bool fogged(int x, int y) const;

      //the viewing team is the team currently viewing the game. The playing team
      //is the team whose turn it is
      size_t viewing_team() const;
      size_t playing_team() const;

      const theme& get_theme() const;

      const theme::menu* menu_pressed();

      //finds the menu which has a given item in it, and enables or disables it.
      void enable_menu(const std::string& item, bool enable);

      void add_observer(const std::string& name);
      void remove_observer(const std::string& name);
      const std::set<std::string>& observers() const { return observers_; }

      map_labels& labels() { return map_labels_; }
      const map_labels& labels() const { return map_labels_; }

      void set_diagnostic(const std::string& msg);

      void add_chat_message(const std::string& speaker, int side, const std::string& msg, MESSAGE_TYPE type);
      void clear_chat_messages();

      //function to draw the image of a unit at a certain location
      //x,y: pixel location on screen to draw the unit
      //image: the image of the unit
      //reverse: if the unit should be flipped across the y axis
      //upside_down: if the unit should be flipped across the x axis
      //alpha: the merging to use with the background
      //blendto: if blendto is not 0, then the alpha parameter will be used
      //         to blend to this colour, instead of the background
      //submerged: the amount of the unit out of 1.0 that is submerged
      //           (presumably under water) and thus shouldn't be drawn
      void draw_unit(int x, int y, surface image,
                    bool upside_down=false,fixed_t alpha=ftofxp(1.0), 
                  Uint32 blendto=0, double blend_ratio=0,
                  double submerged=0.0,
                  surface ellipse_back=surface(NULL),
                  surface ellipse_front=surface(NULL));

      //rebuild the dynamic terrain at the given location.
      void rebuild_terrain(const gamemap::location &location);
      //rebuild all dynamic terrain.
      void rebuild_all();
      //Add a location to highlight. Note that this has nothing to do with
      //selecting hexes, it is pure highlighting. These hexes will be
      //highlighted slightly darker than the currently selected hex.
      void add_highlighted_loc(const gamemap::location &hex);

      void clear_highlighted_locs();

      void remove_highlighted_loc(const gamemap::location &hex);

      void begin_game();

      bool in_game() const { return in_game_; }

      display(const display&);
      void operator=(const display&);

      void draw_sidebar();
      void draw_minimap(int x, int y, int w, int h);
      void draw_game_status();

      SDL_Rect gameStatusRect_;
      SDL_Rect unitDescriptionRect_;
      SDL_Rect unitProfileRect_;

      void draw_image_for_report(surface& img, SDL_Rect& rect);
      void draw_report(reports::TYPE report_num);
      SDL_Rect reportRects_[reports::NUM_REPORTS];
      surface reportSurfaces_[reports::NUM_REPORTS];
      reports::report reports_[reports::NUM_REPORTS];

      void bounds_check_position();

      // std::vector<surface> getAdjacentTerrain(int x, int y, image::TYPE type, ADJACENT_TERRAIN_TYPE terrain_type);
      std::vector<surface> get_terrain_images(int x, int y, image::TYPE type, ADJACENT_TERRAIN_TYPE terrain_type);
      std::vector<std::string> get_fog_shroud_graphics(const gamemap::location& loc);

      //this surface must be freed by the caller
      surface get_flag(gamemap::TERRAIN, int x, int y);

      //this surface must be freed by the caller
      surface get_minimap(int w, int h);

      CVideo& screen_;
      mutable CKey keys_;
      int xpos_, ypos_, zoom_;
      const gamemap& map_;

      gamemap::location selectedHex_;
      gamemap::location mouseoverHex_;

      unit_map& units_;

      void draw_bar(const std::string& image, int xpos, int ypos, size_t height, double filled, const SDL_Color& col, fixed_t alpha);

      //function which finds the start and end rows on the energy bar image
      //where white pixels are substituted for the colour of the energy
      const SDL_Rect& calculate_energy_bar(surface surf);
      std::map<surface,SDL_Rect> energy_bar_rects_;

      surface minimap_;
      bool redrawMinimap_;

      const paths* pathsList_;
      paths::route route_;

      const gamestatus& status_;

      bool team_valid() const;

      const std::vector<team>& teams_;

      int lastDraw_;
      int drawSkips_;

      void invalidate_route();

      std::set<gamemap::location> invalidated_;
      bool invalidateAll_;
      bool invalidateUnit_;
      bool invalidateGameStatus_;

      struct overlay {
            overlay(const std::string& img, const std::string& halo_img,
                    int handle) : image(img), halo(halo_img),
                                       halo_handle(handle) {}
            std::string image;
            std::string halo;
            int halo_handle;

      typedef std::multimap<gamemap::location,overlay> overlay_map;

      overlay_map overlays_;

      bool panelsDrawn_;

      size_t currentTeam_, activeTeam_;

      //used to store a unit that is not drawn, because it's currently
      //being moved or otherwise changed
      gamemap::location hiddenUnit_;
      bool hideEnergy_;

      //used to store any unit that is dying
      gamemap::location deadUnit_;
      fixed_t deadAmount_;

      //used to store any unit that is advancing
      gamemap::location advancingUnit_;
      double advancingAmount_;

      bool turbo_, grid_;
      double sidebarScaling_;

      theme theme_;
      terrain_builder builder_;
      void create_buttons();
      std::vector<gui::button> buttons_;

      bool first_turn_, in_game_;

      std::set<std::string> observers_;

      map_labels map_labels_;

      struct chat_message
            chat_message(int speaker, int h) : speaker_handle(speaker), handle(h), created_at(SDL_GetTicks())

            int speaker_handle;
            int handle;
            Uint32 created_at;

      void prune_chat_messages(bool remove_all=false);

      std::vector<chat_message> chat_messages_;

      //if we're transitioning from one time of day to the next,
      //then we will use these two masks on top of all hexes when we blit
      surface tod_hex_mask1, tod_hex_mask2;

      typedef std::map<gamemap::location,int> halo_map;
      halo_map haloes_;

      //for debug mode
      static std::map<gamemap::location,fixed_t> debugHighlights_;

      std::set<gamemap::location> highlighted_locations_;

      int diagnostic_label_;

      //animated flags for each team
      std::vector<animated<image::locator> > flags_;

      //the handle for the label which displays fps
      int fps_handle_;

bool angle_is_northern(size_t n);
const std::string& get_angle_direction(size_t n);


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