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  Copyright (C) 2003 by David White <davidnwhite@optusnet.com.au>
  Part of the Battle for Wesnoth Project http://wesnoth.whitevine.net

  This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
  it under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
  This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,

  See the COPYING file for more details.

#include "editor_palettes.hpp"
#include "editor_layout.hpp"
#include "editor_undo.hpp"

#include "../display.hpp"
#include "../events.hpp"
#include "../hotkeys.hpp"
#include "../preferences.hpp"
#include "../theme.hpp"

#include <map>
#include <queue>
#include <set>
#include <vector>

namespace map_editor {

/// A map editor. Receives SDL events and can execute hotkey commands.
00033 class map_editor : public events::handler,
                           public hotkey::command_executor {
      map_editor(display &gui, gamemap &map, config &theme, config &game_config);
      virtual ~map_editor();
      /// Enter the main loop. The loop runs until set_abort() is called
      /// to set an abort mode which makes the loop exit.
      void main_loop();
      /// Set the filename that map should be saved as. 
      void set_file_to_save_as(const std::string);

      /// How to abort the map editor.
      /// DONT_ABORT is set during normal operation.
      /// When ABORT_NORMALLY is set, the editor asks for confirmation and
      /// if save is desired before it exits. 
      /// When ABORT_HARD is set, the editor exists without asking any
      /// questions or saving.
      /// Set the abort flag, which indicates if the editor should exit in
      /// some way after the current iteration of the main loop.
      void set_abort(const ABORT_MODE abort=ABORT_NORMALLY);

      /// Save the current map. If filename is an empty string, use the
      /// filename that is set with set_file_to_save_as(). A message box
      /// that shows confirmation that the map was saved is shown if
      /// display_confirmation is true. Return false if the save failed.
      bool save_map(const std::string filename="",
                          const bool display_confirmation=true);

      /// Exception thrown when the loading of a map failed.
00066       struct load_map_exception {};

      /// Load the map from filename. Return the string representation of
      /// the map. Show a message if the load failed. Throw
      /// load_map_exception if the file could not be loaded.
      std::string load_map(const std::string filename);
      virtual void handle_event(const SDL_Event &event);
      /// Handle a keyboard event. mousex and mousey is the current
      /// position of the mouse.
      void handle_keyboard_event(const SDL_KeyboardEvent &event,
                                             const int mousex, const int mousey);
      /// Handle a mouse button event. mousex and mousey is the current
      /// position of the mouse.
      void handle_mouse_button_event(const SDL_MouseButtonEvent &event,
                                                   const int mousex, const int mousey);

      /// Return true if the map has changed since the last time it was
      /// saved.
      bool changed_since_save() const;
      /// Recalculate layout and redraw everything.
      void redraw_everything();
      // Methods inherited from command_executor. Used to perform
      // operations on menu/hotkey commands.
      virtual void toggle_grid();
      virtual void undo();
      virtual void redo();
      virtual void preferences();
      virtual void edit_quit();
      virtual void edit_new_map();
      virtual void edit_load_map();
      virtual void edit_save_map();
      virtual void edit_save_as();
      /// Display a dialog asking for a player number and set the starting
      /// position of the given player to the currently selected hex.
      virtual void edit_set_start_pos();
      virtual void edit_flood_fill();
      virtual void edit_fill_selection();
      virtual void edit_cut();
      virtual void edit_copy();
      virtual void edit_paste();
      virtual void edit_revert();
      virtual void edit_resize();
      virtual void edit_flip();
      /// Either select or deselect all hexes on the map depending on if
      /// this operations has been invoked before or not.
      virtual void edit_select_all();
      virtual void edit_draw();
      virtual void edit_refresh();

      void perform_flood_fill();
      void perform_paste();
      void perform_set_starting_pos();

      virtual bool can_execute_command(hotkey::HOTKEY_COMMAND command) const;
      /// Exception thrown when new map is to be loaded.
00127       struct new_map_exception {
            new_map_exception(const std::string &map, const std::string filename="")
                  : new_map(map), new_filename(filename) {}
            const std::string new_map;
            const std::string new_filename;
      /// What to perform while the left button is held down.
                                                MOVE_SELECTION, NONE};

      /// What to perform on a left button click.
                                       SET_STARTING_POSITION, PASTE, NUM_L_BUTTON_FUNC};

      /// Called in every iteration when the left mouse button is held
      /// down. Note that this differs from a click.
      void left_button_down(const int mousex, const int mousey);

      /// Handle a left click on the location.
      void left_click(const gamemap::location loc);
      /// Called in every iteration when the right mouse button is held
      /// down. Note that this differs from a click.
      void right_button_down(const int mousex, const int mousey);

      /// Handle a right click on the location.
      void right_click(const gamemap::location loc);
      /// Called in every iteration when the middle mouse button is held
      /// down. Note that this differs from a click.
      void middle_button_down(const int mousex, const int mousey);
      /// Confirm that exiting is desired and ask for saving of the map.
      /// Return true if exit is confirmed and the save is successful or not
      /// wanted. Return false if exit is cancelled or the requested save
      /// failed.
      bool confirm_exit_and_save();
      /// Set the starting position for the given player to the location
      /// given.
      void set_starting_position(const int player, const gamemap::location loc);
      /// Display a menu with given items and at the given location.
      void show_menu(const std::vector<std::string>& items_arg, const int xloc,
                           const int yloc, const bool context_menu=false);
      /// Pass the command onto the hotkey handling system. Quit requests
      /// are intercepted because the editor does not want the default
      /// behavior of those.
      void execute_command(const hotkey::HOTKEY_COMMAND command);
      /// Draw terrain at a location. The operation is saved in the undo
      /// stack. Update the map to reflect the change.
      void draw_terrain(const gamemap::TERRAIN terrain,
                                const gamemap::location hex);

      // NOTE: after any terrain has changed, one of the invalidate      //
      // methods must be called with that location among the arguments.  //

      /// Invalidate the given hex and all the adjacent ones. Assume the
      /// hex has changed, so rebuild the dynamic terrain at the hex and
      /// the adjacent hexes.
      void invalidate_adjacent(const gamemap::location hex);

      /// Invalidate the hexes in the give vector and the ones that are
      /// adjacent. Rebuild the terrain on the same hexes. Make sure that
      /// the operations only happen once per hex for efficiency purposes.
      void invalidate_all_and_adjacent(const std::vector<gamemap::location> &hexes);
      void invalidate_all_and_adjacent(const std::set<gamemap::location> &hexes);

      /// Re-set the labels for the starting positions of the
      /// players. Should be called when the terrain has changed, which
      /// may have changed the starting positions.
      void recalculate_starting_pos_labels();

      /// Update the selection and highlightning of the hexes the mouse
      /// currently is over.
      void update_mouse_over_hexes(const gamemap::location mouse_over_hex);

      /// Insert the currently selected locations in the clipboard.
      void insert_selection_in_clipboard();

      /// Return the hex with the given offset from loc. Make calculations
      /// so the result with have the same _appearance_ as when the offset
      /// was calculated ,not the same representation.
      gamemap::location get_hex_with_offset(const gamemap::location loc,
                                                              const int x_offset, const int y_offset);

      /// Commit the movement of a selection.
      void perform_selection_move();

      /// Highlight the currently selected hexes. If clear_old is true the
      /// old highlighting is cleared, otherwise the current selection is
      /// only added, which may leave old selected terrain still
      /// highlighted.
      void highlight_selected_hexes(const bool clear_old=true);

      /// Clear the highlighted hexes in the gui and set a variable to
      /// indicate this so that the brush size highlighting may be
      /// refreshed.
      void clear_highlighted_hexes_in_gui();

      /// Terrain has changed at the specified hex through user drawing
      /// (not undo/redo or other special things). If the hex was a
      /// starting position, remove this position. Save additional
      /// information in the undo_action and invalidate the hex and the
      /// adjacent ones.
      void terrain_changed(const gamemap::location &hex,
                                     map_undo_action &undo_action);
      void terrain_changed(const std::vector<gamemap::location> &hexes,
                                     map_undo_action &undo_action);
      void terrain_changed(const std::set<gamemap::location> &hexes,
                                     map_undo_action &undo_action);
      /// Save an action so that it may be undone. Add an operation to the
      /// number done since save.
      void save_undo_action(const map_undo_action &action);

      /// Call when the left mouse button function has changed. Updated
      /// the report indicating what will be performed. New_function is
      /// the hotkey-string describing the action.
      void left_button_func_changed(const LEFT_BUTTON_FUNC func);

      /// Draw black squares around the buttons that are used to select
      /// the left button function and draw a read square around the
      /// currently selected function.
      void update_l_button_palette();

      /// Return the hotkey-string representing the left button
      /// function. The "action_" is left out.
      std::string get_action_name(const LEFT_BUTTON_FUNC func) const;

      /// Return true if the menu is a button used for setting the left
      /// mouse button function.
      bool is_left_button_func_menu(const theme::menu &menu) const;

      /// Draw the terrain on the hexes the mouse is over, taking account
      /// for brush size.
      void draw_on_mouseover_hexes(const gamemap::TERRAIN t);

      /// An item in the clipboard. Consists of the copied terrain and an
      /// offset. When pasting stuff, the offset is used to calculate
      /// where to put the pasted hex when calculating from the one
      /// selected when the paste takes place.
00277       struct clipboard_item {
            clipboard_item(int xo, int yo, gamemap::TERRAIN t, int start_side) :
                  x_offset(xo), y_offset(yo), terrain(t),
            int x_offset, y_offset;
            gamemap::TERRAIN terrain;
            int starting_side;

      display &gui_;
      gamemap &map_;
      std::string filename_;
      ABORT_MODE abort_;
      // Keep track of the number of operations performed since the last
      // save. If this is zero when the editor is exited there is no need
      // to ask the user to save.
      static int num_operations_since_save_;
      size_specs size_specs_;
      config &theme_;
      config &game_config_;
      CKey key_;
      gamemap::location selected_hex_;
      // When map_dirty_ is true, schedule redraw of the minimap and
      // perform some updates like recalculating labels of starting
      // positions.
      bool map_dirty_;
      bool l_button_palette_dirty_;
      bool everything_dirty_;
      terrain_palette palette_;
      brush_bar brush_;
      std::vector<gamemap::location> starting_positions_;
      std::set<gamemap::location> mouse_over_hexes_;
      std::set<gamemap::location> selected_hexes_;
      std::vector<clipboard_item> clipboard_;
      gamemap::location clipboard_offset_loc_;
      LEFT_BUTTON_HELD_FUNC l_button_held_func_;
      gamemap::location selection_move_start_;
      // mouse_moved_ will be true if the mouse have moved between two
      // cycles.
      bool mouse_moved_;
      bool highlighted_locs_cleared_;
      const hotkey::manager hotkey_manager_;
      const preferences::display_manager prefs_disp_manager_;
      static config prefs_;
      static config hotkeys_;
      static bool first_time_created_;
      static LEFT_BUTTON_FUNC l_button_func_;
      static gamemap::TERRAIN old_fg_terrain_, old_bg_terrain_;
      static int old_brush_size_;
      bool all_hexes_selected_;



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