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/* $Id: unit_types.hpp,v 1.67 2005/03/29 17:41:09 darthfool Exp $ */
   Copyright (C) 2003 by David White <davidnwhite@optusnet.com.au>
   Part of the Battle for Wesnoth Project http://wesnoth.whitevine.net

   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
   it under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
   This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,

   See the COPYING file for more details.

#include "animated.hpp"
#include "config.hpp"
#include "map.hpp"
#include "race.hpp"
#include "team.hpp"
#include "util.hpp"

#include <string>
#include <vector>

//a class to describe a unit's animation sequence
class unit_animation
      struct frame {
            frame() : xoffset(0), halo_x(0), halo_y(0) {}
            explicit frame(const std::string& str) : xoffset(0), image(str),
                                                     halo_x(0), halo_y(0) {}
            explicit frame(const config& cfg);

            // int start, end;
            int xoffset;
            std::string image;
            std::string image_diagonal;
            std::string halo;
            int halo_x, halo_y;

      explicit unit_animation(const config& cfg);


      void start_animation(int start_frame, FRAME_TYPE type, int acceleration);
      void update_current_frames();
      bool animation_finished() const;
      const frame& get_current_frame(FRAME_TYPE type=UNIT_FRAME) const;
      int get_animation_time() const;
      int get_first_frame_time(FRAME_TYPE type=UNIT_FRAME) const;
      int get_last_frame_time(FRAME_TYPE type=UNIT_FRAME) const;

      struct sfx {
            int time;
            std::string on_hit, on_miss;

      const std::vector<sfx>& sound_effects() const;


      // std::vector<frame> frames_[2];
      animated<frame> unit_frames_;
      animated<frame> missile_frames_;

      std::vector<sfx> sfx_;

//the 'attack type' is the type of attack, how many times it strikes,
//and how much damage it does.
class attack_type

      attack_type(const config& cfg);
      const t_string& name() const;
      const std::string& type() const;
      const std::string& special() const;
      const std::string& icon() const;
      RANGE range() const;
      int damage() const;
      int num_attacks() const;
      double attack_weight() const;
      double defense_weight() const;

      bool backstab() const;
      bool slow() const;

      //this function returns a random animation out of the possible
      //animations for this attack. It will not return the same attack
      //each time.
      const unit_animation& animation(gamemap::location::DIRECTION dir=gamemap::location::NDIRECTIONS) const;

      bool matches_filter(const config& cfg) const;
      bool apply_modification(const config& cfg,std::string* description);
      std::vector<unit_animation> animation_;
      std::vector<unit_animation> direction_animation_[6];
      t_string name_;
      std::string type_;
      std::string special_;
      std::string icon_;
      RANGE range_;
      int hexes_;
      int damage_;
      int num_attacks_;
      double attack_weight_;
      double defense_weight_;

      //caches whether the unit can backstab and slow. This is important
      //because the AI queries it alot.
      bool backstab_, slow_;

class unit_movement_type;

//the 'unit movement type' is the basic size of the unit - flying, small land,
//large land, etc etc.
class unit_movement_type
      //this class assumes that the passed in reference will remain valid
      //for at least as long as the class instance
      unit_movement_type(const config& cfg, const unit_movement_type* parent=NULL);

      const t_string& name() const;
      int movement_cost(const gamemap& map, gamemap::TERRAIN terrain, int recurse_count=0) const;
      int defense_modifier(const gamemap& map, gamemap::TERRAIN terrain, int recurse_count=0) const;
      int damage_against(const attack_type& attack) const;
      int resistance_against(const attack_type& attack) const;

      string_map damage_table() const;

      void set_parent(const unit_movement_type* parent);

      bool is_flying() const;

      const config& cfg_;

      mutable std::map<gamemap::TERRAIN,int> moveCosts_;
      mutable std::map<gamemap::TERRAIN,int> defenseMods_;

      const unit_movement_type* parent_;

typedef std::map<std::string,unit_movement_type> movement_type_map;

class unit_type
      //this class assumes that the passed in references will remain valid
      //for at least as long as the class instance
      unit_type(const config& cfg, const movement_type_map& movement_types,
                const race_map& races, const std::vector<config*>& traits);
      unit_type(const unit_type& o);


      const unit_type& get_gender_unit_type(unit_race::GENDER gender) const;
      const unit_type& get_variation(const std::string& name) const;
        //info on the type of unit that the unit reanimates as
        const std::string& undead_variation() const;

      int num_traits() const;

      std::string generate_description() const;

      //the name of the unit in the current language setting
      const t_string& language_name() const;

      const std::string& id() const;
      //Disabling this one for consistency with other similar structures,
      //where name() is always the user-visible, translated, name.
      //language_name should eventually be renamed name()
      // const std::string& name() const;
      const std::string& image() const;
      const std::string& image_halo() const;
      const std::string& image_moving() const;
      const std::string& image_profile() const;
      const std::string& image_fighting(attack_type::RANGE range) const;
      const std::string& image_defensive(attack_type::RANGE range) const;
      const std::string& image_leading() const;
      const std::string& image_healing() const;
      const std::string& image_halo_healing() const;
      const std::string& unit_description() const;
      const std::string& get_hit_sound() const;
      const std::string& die_sound() const;
      int hitpoints() const;
      std::vector<attack_type> attacks() const;
      const unit_movement_type& movement_type() const;

      int experience_needed() const;
      std::vector<std::string> advances_to() const;
      const config::child_list& modification_advancements() const;
      const std::string& usage() const;

      struct experience_accelerator {
            experience_accelerator(int modifier);
            int old_value_;

      int level() const;
      int movement() const;
      int cost() const;


      ALIGNMENT alignment() const;
      static const char* alignment_description(ALIGNMENT align);
      static const char* alignment_id(ALIGNMENT align);

      fixed_t alpha() const;

      const std::vector<std::string>& abilities() const;

      //max_unit_healing returns the maximum hitpoints a unit next to this
      //unit can heal per turn. heals returns the total amount of hitpoints
      //this unit can heal out of all adjacent units
      int max_unit_healing() const;
      int heals() const;
      bool regenerates() const;
      bool is_leader() const;
      bool illuminates() const;
      bool is_skirmisher() const;
      bool teleports() const;
      bool nightvision() const;
      bool steadfast() const;
      bool not_living() const;
      bool can_advance() const;

      bool has_zoc() const;

      bool has_ability(const std::string& ability) const;

      const std::vector<config*>& possible_traits() const;

      const std::vector<unit_race::GENDER>& genders() const;

      const std::string& race() const;

      const unit_animation* defend_animation(bool hits, attack_type::RANGE range) const;
      const unit_animation* teleport_animation() const;
      const unit_animation* die_animation(const attack_type* attack) const;

      void operator=(const unit_type& o);

      unit_type* gender_types_[2];

      typedef std::map<std::string,unit_type*> variations_map;
      variations_map variations_;

      const config& cfg_;

      const unit_race* race_;

      fixed_t alpha_;

      std::vector<std::string> abilities_;

      mutable std::string id_;

      int max_heals_;
      int heals_;
      bool regenerates_;
      bool leadership_;
      bool illuminates_;
      bool skirmish_;
      bool teleport_;
      bool nightvision_;
      bool steadfast_;
      bool can_advance_;
      ALIGNMENT alignment_;

      unit_movement_type movementType_;

      std::vector<config*> possibleTraits_;

      std::vector<unit_race::GENDER> genders_;

      struct defensive_animation
            explicit defensive_animation(const config& cfg);
            bool matches(bool hits, attack_type::RANGE range) const;

            enum { HIT, MISS, HIT_OR_MISS } hits;
            enum { SHORT, LONG, SHORT_OR_LONG } range;
            unit_animation animation;

      std::vector<defensive_animation> defensive_animations_;

      std::vector<unit_animation> teleport_animations_;

      struct death_animation
            explicit death_animation(const config& cfg);
            bool matches(const attack_type* attack) const;

            std::vector<std::string> damage_type, special;
            unit_animation animation;

      std::vector<death_animation> death_animations_;

struct game_data
      game_data(const config& cfg);
      void set_config(const config& cfg);
      void clear();

      movement_type_map movement_types;
      typedef std::map<std::string,unit_type> unit_type_map;
      unit_type_map unit_types;
      race_map races;


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